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Do you have a busy schedule or need someone to help? Our team of professionals will handle everything for you. We can help with everything from one-time cleaning to move in/move out cleaning, and decluttering.

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One Time Cleaning

Clean your home and offices in just one call with our one-time cleaning service.

Maintenance Services

We help you maintain and clean your home and offices regularly.

Move in Move Out Cleaning

Moving in or out will never be a hassle with our help.


Declutter stuff in your home with the help of our professionals.

Overview of our Housekeeping Business

Do not let fear of bacteria and fungus prevent you from inviting our local professionals into your home. We are committed to creating a safe environment for our customers. That is why we follow the CDC sanitization guidelines. It will make you feel more at ease knowing that your home has been cleaned professionally and with the greatest care. To ensure safety while cleaning, we use gloves and masks. We offer professional housekeeping services and a range of products that will meet all household needs. Our professional-grade cleaners can not only eliminate Coronavirus, but also kill germs like salmonella or listeria in your home. We have cleaning solutions to suit every need, from those who don’t want to deal with harmful chemicals or ingredients to those who are looking for an eco-friendly option. We have provided cleaning services for years and we want you to know that we will go the extra mile for you.


I had Abilene Housekeepers come out and clean my house before an open house I was having. They did a great job! My house looked beautiful when they were done, and it sold to the first couple that walked through the door!

Henry B.

We were looking for a cleaning service that would be able to help us out on an irregular basis (i.e., not weekly). The woman I spoke with was very understanding and explained how they would be able to accommodate our needs. It was great to know someone actually cared about our situation rather than trying to sell us services we did not need.

Jan J.

My whole house is cleaner than ever thanks to their weekly cleaning service. And talk about eco-friendly! We went green as soon as we hired them.

Kelli R.

Our Housekeeping Services

See below for more information about our amazing cleaning and decluttering services.

One Time Cleaning

Sometimes one-time deep cleaning is needed. For example, this may be necessary following home renovations, after moving to a new house, before selling your property, or if you just want to give the place a fresh look. If you need one service for your business premises, call our company today. We offer over 9 years of experience in providing flexible one-on-one services with free initial quotes and satisfaction guaranteed! If you are looking for one on one service providers for – post renovation clean up, pre-sale clean out, quick office move-out clean out, or any other one-time job – we have it covered. Our cleaners know how hard it is to find a one service provider who is not expensive, reliable, and always available. This is why we offer one-time flexibility without compromising on the quality of work our one one one service providers provide. We are the one one one solution for your cleaning needs. Our one-time cleaners will make sure that everything looks great! They provide thorough deep cleaning services which include both commercial and residential property cleaning; they can tidy up after builders, renovators, or estate agents; give you a free quote to clean up before selling your house – no matter how big or small the job is.

Maintenance Services

You don’t have much time to clean the house because of your busy schedule. It’s not a shame to hire a residential maid service. Why not spend your time with friends and family or do something you enjoy instead of cleaning up the house?Our company provides a unique service. We offer cleanings that are guaranteed to be successful. Our company is the only one in this field that focuses on high-quality cleaning services. Clients have come to rely on us for reliable services.Our company is all about quality customer service. We can meet all your needs with the best equipment, processes, and knowledge. You can count on us to be your one-stop source for maintenance efforts. A good maintenance service company will ensure that your place is not only spotless clean, but also disinfected for your safety.Our cleaning professionals will ensure that your home is clean and healthy. We have learned from our experience that a healthier, cleaner environment is important for both you and your family. They want the best for their employees and give them more time to do other things (make new friends). Get in touch now.

Move in Move Out Cleaning

It can be stressful and overwhelming to move. We offer move-out cleaning! Our team of experts is always available to help you with any questions or concerns.Our team will take care of your home so that you can move in with confidence. Our Move in Move out Cleaning Services will make it easier for you to transition to your new home.Your old home can look a lot worse after you move out. You don’t realize how bad it is until you move out. It can be frustrating if this is what’s causing you to feel down. But, there is good news! It’s not uncommon for professionals to offer assistance at an affordable cost, including cleaning up spilled food and removing stains from carpets.So, if you need professional cleaning services for moving in town, do not hesitate to call us today! We are available to help with all your cleaning needs. Call us at our landline or make an appointment on our website to schedule a cleaning service.


You deserve a home that is cleaner and more organized. Our professional cleaning and decluttering services will help you create the space that suits your needs. Get in touch with us today! We can help you declutter if you feel the need. Our professional cleaners can transform any space and bring it back to life. As an outstanding decluttering service company, we have your back.We want you to feel more at home in the environment you choose. Our team of experts can make any room shine, and we are certain that they will leave a lasting impression on you and everyone else who is lucky enough to see them.Our highly skilled staff will handle all your messy and cluttered site cleanups with care. Our staff is certified to handle all kinds of jobs from organizing collectibles to donating them in certain cases. Our cleaners have thousands of hours of experience and can be relied upon for any job, big or small. Imagine returning home from a hard week at work, and being able to relax. It’s finally possible to relax on the couch and not have to worry about dishes! Our company offers regular maid service so that your home is ready for guests or when you are too tired to clean it yourself.Your time is valuable and you should invest in a good recurring cleaning service. Although you may view cleaning as an expense or a guilty pleasure, consider the benefits! Your home is so important to you. It’s more than just a place to store your dirty clothes. It’s much more than that. It is who we are as individuals. With our busy lives, it’s hard to get back to our homes after work. If there is one thing that could convince people to get their priorities in order, it would be this: Investing (time = A clean home every week).

Commercial Cleaning Service

As the commercial cleaning service industry has grown, commercial cleaning companies have taken on a broader range of tasks. In addition to the general janitorial work that most commercial cleaners do, many now offer specialized services as well. Below are some examples of commercial cleaning services offered by our company.
  • Floor – floor polishing
  • Carpet and Carpet Cleaning – commercial carpet cleaners often also specialize in upholstery and mattress cleaning as well.
  • Window and Glass Cleaning – window washing
  • Pressure Washing – gutter and building pressure washing
  • Disaster Recovery – fire, water and wind damage restoration for commercial properties such as restaurants , hotels, banks etc…
  • HVAC and Duct Cleaning – commercial heating and air duct cleaning to commercial properties such as restaurants, banks and commercial office buildings
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Lead Paint Abatement – lead paint abatement for commercial properties such as commercial office buildings.
  • Caulking Services
  • Floor Stripping and Waxing- commercial floor stripping and waxing.
For more information on our services, you may call us on our hotline or visit our website.

Recurring Cleaning Services

Whether you’re planning on moving or you want to change up your recurring cleaning service, it’s important to know how recurring cleaning works. “What is recurring cleaning?” Recurring cleaning is when someone does a recurring service for you, like having the same person clean your house each week. And this includes services like house cleaning and carpet shampooing. Cleaning isn’t just something that needs to be done once in a while—it should become part of your home maintenance routine. That means if you hire recurring cleaners, they’ll come by at regular intervals to keep everything spick-and-span until the next visit or until you decide to stop recurring cleaning. When you think about recurring cleaning, what often comes to mind is house cleaning, but recurring carpet shampooing and floor maintenance services are also important for keeping your home in good condition. There are a few reasons why recurring cleaning is a particularly good idea when you’re hiring cleaners:
  • recurring cleaning helps ensure that it’s done right the first time
  • recurring cleaning is an economical choice compared to sporadic cleanings
  • recurring cleaning can help avoid bigger problems down the road

Apartment Cleaning Services

Imagine a cleaner and healthier apartment every day, without the hassle. You can achieve this with our customized apartment cleaning services.Your apartment will be cleaner for less when you have your own team of professionals to clean it. Each member of the team has been professionally trained and is trained to clean apartments.We will not let you down. Whether it’s a one-time apartment cleaning or weekly service, we’ll be there to get your apartment back in shape and keep it that way! We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all jobs. If you are not completely satisfied with any area we clean, please call our landline number and we will do a complete re-clean. A condo, rental, or apartment cleaning service is the best way to clean your home and avoid cancellations. Our team of residential housekeepers will be there at the appointed time with all necessary supplies to do a great job.

Oven Cleaning Services

Clean ovens are healthier. There are many reasons to clean your oven. Cleaning your oven is important for all purposes, including cooking, baking, and hosting guests.Do you know what they say about maintaining your kitchen and appliances in good working order? It’s vital to maintain the quality of your dishes by not neglecting them. Regular cleaning of an oven can prevent potential hazards such as burnt food and grease that may build up after cooking. It is common for baking heat to cause residue buildup. Make sure you take care of it!We will clean your oven to make it look like new.We want you 100% satisfied with the work we do. That’s why we offer many services, including interior and exterior cleaning as well as prepping food for any future needs. If you need a reputable oven cleaning service company, we got you covered.

Refrigerator Cleaning Services

A clean fridge is a challenge in the kitchen. Our company understands that it is hard work to keep your fridge clean and organized.We understand that not everyone likes to clean their kitchen, but we are here to help. We offer this service as part of our housekeeping services. Refrigerators require more attention than you might think. Thus, hiring a reputable refrigerator cleaning service is something you should not take for granted.Our service providers can help you keep your fridge in top shape. Our service will clean any refrigerator, no matter its make or model.No problem if there are spills or crumbs on shelves or in corners where food doesn’t seem like it will go anywhere other than under appliances. With their one-stop cleaning plan, our team can remove these unsightly messes before they become permanent fixtures. This includes deep scrubbing the exterior (inside) surfaces and sanitizing everything, from floor tiles to refrigerators to shelves units down to drawers.

Special Event Cleaning Services

While it’s great to spend time with family and friends, it can also be exhausting. It can be exhausting to prepare for an event or party and clean up after it is over. Sometimes, we don’t get to enjoy the festivities as much as we would like. Our high-quality event cleaning services are available for any time of year and no matter how big the job. We provide uniformed and professional teams for events. We can clean the venue before, during, and after the event. It is up to you what suits you best.We have everything you need to throw a party. We can help you with everything: venue preparation, decorations, catering, and clean-up crew.It’s not possible to wake up feeling uneasy because you spent too much time cleaning up after the festivities.We can cater for any special eventOur cleaners will clean any event, no matter how large or small. Our professional cleaning services can handle any occasion, no matter how small or large.We can handle all the cleaning and waste management for your event, no matter how large or small it is.We provide services for all types of events, from conferences to festivals with different attendees. Our company will keep an eye on all aspects while helping clients reduce costs. We use our expertise as cleaners as well as as specialists in recycling and disposal solutions. Why should you choose us to clean special events? We’ve been able to tackle the most difficult cleaning jobs over the years and have created healthier environments for our customers. Our services remove dirt, dust and germs more effectively than other companies.Our innovative cleaning service is able to address your extra needs. We use innovative methods that reduce bacteria and viruses in the homes to stop illness-causing diseases spreading through residents or employees. Special event cleaning at it’s finest Cleaning can be a time-consuming and tedious task. You don’t have to do it all! No pun intended! Our team will visit your home and handle everything, from vacuuming and mopping floors to emptying all garbage in one sweep.Our event cleaning service will help you create the perfect party atmosphere. We are sensitive too, so we will work within your budget and schedule.You can have many problems at your home when you host a party or special event. These spillages and dirt can be removed with specialized equipment. Our team is here to assist you in all aspects of your project! Our service is a one-stop shop. We take care of everything, so call us at our hotline.

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Our Approach

It’s a great feeling to come home after a hard day at work and find your house clean and fresh-smelling. Our cleaning services are available for those times when you need them most. We help you get back to work and take care of all the little things like dishes or laundry. We provide daily cleaning services, including dusting and vacuuming the floors upstairs and downstairs. Our crews are always ready with masks and gloves in case of mishaps. Your home is your most valuable and important place. You need to clean it from top to bottom. But who can you trust? We want to reassure customers that our cleaning teams adhere strictly to CDC sanitization guidelines. As a part of our commitment to thoroughness and quality, we provide all cleaning technicians with masks and gloves. This is for your safety and ours. We can assure you that the equipment will not be used in any other homes once it has been at yours.

Frequently asked questions

 cleaner coming to your house is convenient and can also be a long-term benefit. A professional cleaner can remove allergens and dust mites from your home that might otherwise not be treated. Maids are trained to eliminate microbes and will take care of any mould or mildew issues.

Our company offers cleaning services in town. We also take safety into consideration. Our experts will ensure that your property and home are spotless. Get in touch with us today.

Since 2003, our company has provided the best cleaning services for everyone. We are not only skilled professionals, we use the finest cleaning products, and we care deeply about our customers.

We are committed to our customers’ safety and provide the best cleaning solutions and services. Trustworthiness, knowledge about the job and products, attention to detail, and hardworking are all hallmarks of our company. We are trusted and reputable for all types of cleaning services.

You are in control. You have the power to choose. While we would love to have access on the day of service, it is not always possible. Customers like to give their cleaners keys so that they can go and go as they please. Others prefer being able to leave the key somewhere safe or provide codes for the alarm system. Please ensure that keys are kept safe with management until the arrival of our team.

The package you choose will determine the number of cleaners required. The scope of the work and the area to be cleaned will often affect the number of cleaners.

No. No. Everything you need to ensure a professional jobs are provided. All this is done without hassle!

Cleaners are trained to identify all types of soil and clean it until it is completely clean. We will return any areas that we have cleaned if you are unhappy with them.

If you are concerned about your pets’ safety while cleaning out your home, it is best to put them in a safe place. It is important to make sure that your cleaners are familiar with every part of your home so that they can remove all pet hair. Please let us know if you are concerned before we start work.

This concern can be addressed to our professionals by contacting us via email or phone. Customers should ask how many rooms they require us to clean, and whether cleaners are available to do multiple rooms at once.

No. No. We clean only rooms, areas, and equipment (refrigerators, ovens). Our packages do not include dishes or laundry.

It doesn’t matter how you spend your day. Don’t worry! Don’t panic if something happens and your home needs attention.

For cancellations or rescheduling, we recommend that you call us at least 24 hours in advance.

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